Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Version 1.0.1


Spellathon  is highly addictive fun word twist game with a TWIST !

Game View

7 random letters are arranged as shown in Game View, with one letter in the center and rest around it . Aim is to make four to seven letter words necessarily including the center letter in each word formed , using each letter just once .There should be atleast one seven letter word. 

Great way to pass time while engaging and challenging your mind.Spellathon tests your anagram skills as well as increases your vocabulary !!!       


  • Online Scoring System using   Scoreloop - compete with your friends to have best scores .Scores will be online so that you can compete with people worldwide.
  • Definition Lookup for improving vocabulary - click on word after game is finished to get its meaning from
  • Personalized Settings - the sound ,vibration , level settings can be changed 
  • Game Levels - change total number of words to be guessed  to complete  game
  • Hints - hints button to get partly guessed words.
  • Shuffle- shuffle button to mix the letters surrounding center letter . 
  • keyboard Support - click buttons marked with letter to guess word , and then press submit 

                                Scoreloop Leader Board

change level
definition lookup

How to play :

In the above figure , 7 random letters are arranged in the form of Hexagon with "s" as center letter.You have to make 4-7 letter words which should contain the center letter.

For example few valid words would be - "sans" ,"snap" ,"oasis" ,"snips" ,"pass" ,"passion" etc. Word like "piano" would be invalid even though it is made up of letters, given as it does not contain the center letter.
1.word length:4-7 letters
2.Include center letter in each word
3.Atleast one 7 letter word
4.Plurals allowed
5.English dictionary used as reference
Scoring system:
1.The scoring is done according to the length of the word guessed and total number of words to be guessed in the game.
2.The scores are submitted to online scoring syste using scoreloop SDK.This can be done  from view solution dialogue box.You can keep track of your friends as well as world wide high scores from the leaderboard.
3.The points given to each word guessed , reduces to half  after hint button is clicked.

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